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softly, softly, catchee monkey

Proverbial saying, early 20th century, advocating caution or guile as the best way to achieve an end.

So often I’ve found myself getting mad when watching TV and a commercial comes on about a subject very close to my heart and that’s health. I reckon that at least a hundred times each there’s a commercial on telly promoting a drug, a food or dental product that they are saying is good for your health. The reality is that the makers of these products are blatantly lying. Some of the lies are worded in a way that you almost feel guilty if you don’t use or try them. Clever marketing no doubt, but I wonder if these people actually have a conscience, do they give a damn about the potential long term detrimental effects on someone’s body.

I can’t remember when it was specifically that cigarette packs started having a warning printed on the label, it didn’t stop all people from smoking but it did help.

If you say something often enough and make it sound feasible then gradually it’s believed.

Blatant lies are being advertised constantly about everyday products, some of the most dangerous are:


Cholesterol, as in foods low in.

Spreads like margarine.


Soy beans

Artificial sweeteners

There are so many lies about foods that mislead people and guide them in the wrong direction, a direction that is slowly but surely damaging the lives of you and your kids.

They are very clever, softly, softly catchee monkey..

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