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It’s strange how we all take “living” for granted, I mean the millions of functions that take place every second of everyday just to exist. When you think about moving, even just blinking or swallowing there is a very complex process that happens  seamlessly that enables that to take place. Ok now I’ll try to explain this in a way that is easy to understand because it’s so important. When your brain, be it consciously or subconsciously wants to do something, a signal is sent to the appropriate organ or limb telling it what to do. Sounds straightforward, but the connection between the brain and everything in the body is via a very complex system of nerves, in fact there are hundreds of thousands of miles making up the nervous system. Now the nerves themselves are not absolutely complete, there are breaks, obviously I don’t know how frequently they occur but it’s going to happen thousands of times on each section. Now this is where it gets complicated, in order for the signal to jump across the gap and continue its journey when it reaches a break or gap  there has to be a combination of five elements. Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Sodium and Chloride, when the correct combination and proportions are present then a synapse takes place, a little explosion. This synapse enables the signal to jump across the break. Now when all elements are in the right combination and proportions then this all takes place in a nanosecond making it appear seamless.

Four of the five elements tend to be present in abundance via reasonable nutrition in the diet but the magnesium is a little more complex, there are multiple forms of magnesium but it’s only one that the body truly needs and that is Magnesium Chloride which is not easy to come by.

There are approximately 800 separate enzymes, functions and organs that need magnesium chloride to function efficiently. Once a week I soak for about an hour or more in a bath with roughly a kilo of magnesium chloride flakes in, normally Sunday morning, after the soak I feel really good and would really like to do everyday but at £45 per tub it’s just not a viable option financially. Once a week is better than not at all and my body is letting me know it’s feeling good today.

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