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When most people are asked a question about how they feel about pain I’m sure the majority will respond with a reply similar to “I hate it”. That’s completely understandable really, I mean unless you have a strange attitude or a “dark side” then pain isn’t a nice thing. But in reality there’s always going to be justifiable and understandable exceptions and here is where my personal situation comes into play. Me waking up in pain or me falling over as is sometimes the case isn’t what I’m referring to. Everyday is a physical challenge for me and I accept the difficulty, the pain and frustration, not accepting it as there’s nothing that can be done about it but more of a “bring it on, you aren’t going to beat me” sort of way. So knowing it’s trying to beat me into submission is a challenge and as I’ve said before, it’s not going to beat me.

Getting to the point, each day I know that a symptom of this illness is muscle atrophy meaning everyday the muscles in my body are getting weaker and weaker which obviously leads to completely debilitating condition. So the “German scouser” in me says ” not happening!!!” and refuses to capitulate. The pain I’m feeling right now is actually good because it’s coming from aching muscles due to multiple exercises during the day, I’m actually really enjoying it.

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