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As I said yesterday, this health issue is a problem that I have to deal with every minute of everyday, there’s no respite as everything I do and in a lot of cases don’t do has an effect on me being alive or not. Dramatic…. exaggeration… No…

Ok to explain, to start, the foods I eat all have an impact on me, the basics are that it has to be gluten free, if it’s “gluten free” it’s definitely wheat free, however if it’s “Wheat free” doesn’t mean it’s “Gluten free” as there is gluten in other grain, so I have to pay close attention to food ingredients. Dairy, I’m lactose intolerant, however not all lactose affects me and that also is affected by quantity.

Sugar, refined sugar is a killer for me and that’s not an exaggeration. My body is ok with small quantities like 10 to 15 grams over a 24 hour period, larger amounts play havoc with my body chemistry.

The above are the prime individual problems, however not ingesting water, not just liquid has an equally damaging effect on me, I have to drink about a gallon or 4.4 litres of water each day. Over time, research and literally hundreds of adjustments  I’ve finally found ways to actually get through each day with bearable pain, discomfort and frustration. I say bearable because pain, discomfort and frustration is a 24/7 thing, so it’s accepted and controlled.

Regardless of what anyone thinks they know about me, who I am or what I’ve done, I know I’m a vain, narcissistic but very proud man. Until I got sick I was always reasonably  fit and strong so getting this illness has been humiliating to me, not being able to do physical things is incredibly humbling.

The title refers to living in the “Now” which is important, I am happy, I don’t get depressed or bored, but as much as it would feel great initially to indulge in some Cadbury chocolate or a shot or two of a 24 yr old malt whisky, I can’t, I don’t because I know what it would do to me and how badly I’d be affected. So yes I do live in the “Now” but I also have to be very aware of the “Then”.

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