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I feel it’s important in life to have a goal, something to aim for rather than ambling along with no focus on anything other than what is in front of you right now, this second. There’s no doubt that living in the “Now” can bring pleasure, but so often that pleasure has consequences. As I was saying in my previous post, this can be very pleasurable in the short term but in my case that wouldn’t work, I just can’t live that way, so regardless of the aches and pains I will continue in my quest.

Now I’ve always thought quite highly of myself, I’m determined almost to the point of being downright stubborn when it comes to my health and how I can restore it. So having this determination and what I’ve thought about as special and almost unique, isn’t…….

Last night I stayed up a little later than what’s normal for me to watch all of “Sports personality of the year”. Seeing the determination and commitment of the olympians  and paralympians and what they choose to do and sacrifices they make every day of their lives was inspiring and motivational. It was great to watch but what it did do, and I see this as positive is it brought me right back down to earth.

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