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Over the past twelve years since my official diagnosis I’ve spent a very long time in research, often two or three hours each day and that’s not including my years with Huggins Applied Healing where I was fortunate to work in the presence of greatness.

My disease has required me to see neurologists and conventional doctors who have in their limited western medical way have given their advice, I’m not demeaning them but in all honesty this has been absolutely no help in any shape or form. The fact that I’m able to cope with the symptoms comes down to my own research and experimentation with natural supplements and nutrients.

At the start of each day I take what I believe to be the highest and best quality supplements that have been meticulously researched and formulated by an incredible team. I exercise, obviously I’m limited physically but this is done to complete exhaustion three times each day. During the day I’m also drinking around 4.5 litres of liquids, primarily water based.

My exhaustion and total weakness tend to last for an hour after exercise but a couple of hours after my third spell I feel strong and stable, that’s all relative of course.

I entitled this post as Bill Murray, now we can all think of him as a great actor and many of his movies have brought big laughs to most people. Why the title for this post? Well there’s one particular movie that my life seems to mimic and that’s Groundhog Day. What seems to be happening is that I’m starting every day as if the days and weeks and years previous efforts mean nothing.

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