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I’ll start this post with wishing everyone reading a very Merry Christmas, over the years this special day has gradually lost its importance, not just to me but in most parts of the western world. As a child this was the most special day, not as a celebration of Christ as initially marked but just as a day of family and prezzies and yummy food.

We as in my mum and dad, my 4 brothers and 2 sister’s living in a two bedroom terraced house that looked like Coronation Street were not religious but just accepted this day as very special. I think over the years and decades Christmas day has morphed into a commercial extravaganza for kids, not all but most just see this as “What else can I have” time, sad but true.

For me this day is not a special time other than it’s a nice time, I feel good and warm in my heart, I’m grateful and happy, I have three beautiful women in my life, Mum, Suzie and Debs, I love my daughter Lucy and son Josh although I haven’t seen or heard from them in years.

This day, Christmas day is…. a day.


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