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Just imagine this, one day you wake up and start the normal process of getting ready for your working day, but instead of normal you feel very unstable, you have to grip the bathroom sink as tight as you can because it feels as if the room itself is violently rocking from side to side. Over time, as in years, the symptoms have gotten worse, much worse actually to the point that you are unable to walk unaided, you are ridiculously weak and your balance and stability is non existent. The medical professionals have said that there is no known cure for what you have in fact there is no medicine known to the world’s medical and pharmaceutical specialists that can help or ease the symptoms. This being the case would you give in? Knowing that even though you try your very best to overcome the extreme fatigue and constant pain and frustration and being slapped in the face (not literally) and beaten back no matter how much effort you put in everyday. Well this is my life and it would be so easy to give up, so easy to say “okay enough is enough”, but this is where the difference is between me and 99.9% of other people. As annoying, frustrating, humiliating and painful it is there are five hopes of me giving up, Bob Hope, Periscope, Antelope, Envelope and NO HOPE…

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