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It’s strange that if ever there is a health issue however small or large the thing 99% of people do is either take a pill or go see the doctor. Everyone wants the quick fix, as in for the problem to go away. Pills, doctors, basically do their best to remedy the problem, in the main the problem would probably go away on its own given time and decent nutrition that enables the incredible human body to fix itself. But it’s become the norm to artificially bring a resolution quicker and by taking a drug that can happen. Well actually that’s not entirely true, seeing the drug pusher, oops sorry, the doctor has a psychological effect, you’ve convinced yourself that seeing him or her and taking a pill will help. In reality all that’s happening is your immune system is working and the drugs are easing the symptoms.

Everything in your body is made up of cells, there are hundreds of different types of cells and there are literally billions of each type making trillions of cells. Each organ requires these cells to work properly so that particular organ can function correctly and do the job it was expertly designed to do. The system as in your body is constantly losing deceased cells and replacing them with newly created cells, because we tend to consume nutritious and non nutritious foods and the later in greater quantity unfortunately the body isn’t capable of replacement quick enough to keep us perfectly healthy.

Sadly, artificial sweeteners, synthetic foods, drugs all exacerbate the process of deceased cells which leads to the inability of organs to do their job, hence sickness and another trip to the doctor or pharmacy or both and the deterioration cycle continues.


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