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I often write about my current situation, my health and my daily challenges, I say this as a plural simply because that’s what it is or they are in my case. I normally wake between 5 and 6 a.m. even though I’m often still awake to after midnight. I’ve had to take something to help me fall asleep and it’s been that way for 20 plus years, my body seems to be ok with about 5 hours or just a bit less.

After the half hour in the bathroom then getting dressed I normally spend 30 or 40 minutes getting a light breakfast and my supplements for the day. Once that’s sorted I usually spend about 30 minutes doing my first of three exercise periods. Obviously the exercises would seem quite basic to most people but at the end of each session I am totally exhausted. That’s not a bad thing feeling absolutely exhausted compared to just very weak as my starting point.

I’ve completed two sessions so far today and it’s 1.45 in the afternoon, my routine today was different than normal and I think this is going to be how it is from now on. It can be a little frustrating knowing how weak I’ll feel for the rest of the day but not exercising would only speed up the weakening process so as tiring and frustrating as it is I know I have to persevere.

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