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I can understand that a lot of you probably think my life is based on conspiracy theories, that I’ve heard rumours so just want to perpetuate them and spread fear. I can understand that thought and how you just want to ignore what you think of as gossip mongers. If I hadn’t been fortunate enough to have been directly involved with a dedicated group of genuine healers then having an opinion based on misinformation would be perfectly acceptable. But that isn’t the case with me, the things I know are exactly that, it’s what I KNOW. My views and opinions haven’t been formed by the bias of tv advertising.

I met and directly worked with dentists and doctors, scientists and PhD’s that genuinely treated and cured patients that western medical doctors had totally given up hope on. Not everyone seen by one of the true medical professionals was cured but several were and I’m sure the others would have been if they’d seen the right people and not just gone along with the drug pushers.

The title “The big 6″ is referring to the 6 organizations that control the people of the western world, “don’t shake your head and roll your eyes, it’s true”. There are six organizations that control what’s happening. They all have a vested interest in your health, what you eat, drink, drive, where you live and your health. The big six probably don’t appear on the surface to be connected but they are indirectly.

In no particular order they are: The Pharmaceutical industry, Oil and Gas, Banking, Insurance, Food, Advertising/Media.

Think about it, the foods we eat is synthetically and genetically modified, we get sick so we take drugs pretending to be medication. Insurance companies especially health insurance and Banks, (corrupt) all spend massive amounts of money advertising to perpetuate the blatant lie that a drug manufactured by one of the elite can help. In reality all they are doing is scratching each other’s back.

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