Greatest healer….

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Greatest healer.

In life we all have hiccups, our intention is to get from A to B as easily and as comfortably as possible, but as I said we all have hiccups and by that I’m not referring to that minor problem specifically, no, I mean the physical problems that aren’t life threatening but slow us down and make us deviate from getting to our destination. In the majority of cases all that’s required is a swift stopover at the local GP to remedy it.

About ten years ago I started to look at heath, sickness and healing in a different way, I realised that true healing is as much down to one’s mind as much as anything else including so called medication. We’ve all heard stories of different people given a drug or given a placebo but told it was truly going to fix the problem. Amazingly the health issue was rectified in both cases, the symptom was the accepted problem and the medicine/drug did the job but in as many cases “the mind” did the same. In my case the medical professionals have told me that the disease I have is incurable, I was told that I’d be in a wheelchair permanently if I didn’t take the “medication” within six months. I didn’t and I’m not, instead I’ve adopted the attitude of naturally correcting and re-balancing the distorted irregularities in the life force, my blood and mind. I’ve slowed down the progression of the so called incurable disease and I honestly believe it’s only a matter of time before the combination of natural supplements and meditation overcome the physical and mental irregularities and I prove when it comes to Stefan that I am my own greatest healer.

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