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What does it say?

My view of Bill Clinton before I went to live in America was that he was a good president, as an Englishman living in England my view, my opinion was based on how he was portrayed by the British media, and in the main, as a man leading the most powerful nation in the world he was doing a good job. In reality he probably created more debt and less work efficiency than any previous president had done. He was an unfaithful man to his wife, he was publicly shamed for his sexual escapades with Monica Lewinsky and it’s likely there were others.

George W Bush was a great sports club owner and businessman but as a leader of a nation he didn’t come over as an intelligent man especially when public speaking.

I lived for eleven years in that beautiful country, half of it was under George Dubya and half under Obama. Living and working there is totally different than living in a different country and judging what happens and having an opinion purely based on what is reported via the media.  In my opinion, based on living and working there is that Obama wasn’t good for the country. Yes the first lady looked and sounded good but that was as good as it got.

Now my point is this, the last three presidents have all had their faults, an unfaithful untrustworthy philanderer, a numb nuts and a Muslim who talked a good talk. Roughly half of America wasn’t happy at the time of each previous inauguration and certainly not during during the time they held office.

Now there is a president that started at the bottom in business, became a billionaire, lost it the became a billionaire again. Do you think he knows what he’s doing? Do you think he has a plan? Do you think he’s proven he can make things happen. You can bet your bottom dollar he does. While the previous three made a mess of it, did anyone riot and loot and protest? No they didn’t so what does it say about the people that are unhappy about Trump. Stop complaining and understand everyone has faults and opinions, give him a chance.


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