The only thing that’s important…

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The only thing that’s important.

My days are very much the same to me in that I get up, get my supplements for the day while eating a light breakfast then shuffle around holding the furniture to get to the sofa. I spend the majority of the day sitting there, that’s broken up my visits to the loo and very basic but completely exhausting exercises. I read a lot, I write for my blog, surf the web looking for possibilities to improve my health. My carer Debs comes about 11.30 to prepare the waters etc for the day and make my lunch, she’s become very efficient at this over the past four years and is all done in 45 minutes. I have a different carer at the weekend, a nice lady called Mel, I rarely eat an evening meal, I watch a bit of telly between 5.00 and 8.00pm and then off to bed.

Boring!!!!! Yes but that’s it, am I frustrated or depressed….No.. I accept that at this time in my life that this is all that’s available to me. I see this as a challenge, I dare you to get better, go on, I dare you….. a freaking horrendous disease is living in my body, bloody squatters, I didn’t invite it in.

Looking at the boring, limited, painful and frustrating situation I find myself in at a stage of my life that in reality is closer to the end than it is to the beginning isn’t a nice place to be but… being a hard faced, stubborn scouser the only thing, the only thing that’s important to me is to be the best ME, the best Stefan possible..

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