Stem cells….

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Stem cell.

I’ve read so much lately about stem cell treatment and the incredible possibilities by having it. As I’ve said before, no I’m not getting senile just yet, I know I wrote about it a couple of weeks back, the body is made up of trillions of cells, every organ is made of organ specific cells and the parent stem cell has the ability to change itself into the appropriate cell. Stem cells are primarily created in the bone marrow of each individual. There are several clinics around the world specializing in stem cell treatment, two I’ve identified as having the most positive results are in Switzerland and the Ukraine. Although Switzerland sounds nicer it seems the one in the Ukraine is regarded as the best and surprisingly or not surprisingly is the most affordable. Treatment for me with a carer to accompany me will cost around £10,000, hint hint, I doubt anyone has a spare ten grand doing nothing so treatment will have to wait.

In the meantime I came across some very interesting information about a doctor, a very special one that is using a supplement that boost and helps the body to release your own stem cells. This I want to try, if you haven’t seen it go to my Facebook page.

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