Guessing game..

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Guessing game.

It’s a very complex puzzle, imagine being an expert at solving jigsaw puzzles and you are faced with a very intricate puzzle consisting of a billion pieces. You are allowed to look and study the completed puzzle for as long as you want before the puzzle is broken up then partially put back together. Ok now almost all of it is rearranged but it still leaves several million pieces to put back in place. Quite a challenge, in fact one that is unlikely to be completed in a lifetime it’s so big and complicated.

Well this puzzle is difficult but in reality not as difficult as the one you live in….. the human body is made up of organs of which there are 79, there are 14 different glands, each gland produces hormones, each hormone enables organs to complete a specific job. There are literally billions of enzymatic actions taking place every minute. Oh and by the way they are all made up of cells, so looking at the combinations and interactions of this group that need to work synergistically in order for what collectively is known as a human being is hmm let’s say a rather difficult task.

So this thing we live in isn’t as easily fixed as you might think when talking to your GP, the drug often given doesn’t usually fix anything, in fact more often  than not what they do is play a trick on you by turning off the receptor in your body that’s recognising the problem. The body is more complex than the most powerful computer, infinitely more powerful. The billions and billions of actions taking place will if given time and the correct nutrients enable the body to heal itself. The drugs just shoot the messenger and blindfold the receptors while the body does what it does best.  It’s not a guarantee that the solution to your health problem when you get a prescription for a drug, it’s a drug that might fool your body temporarily, ask the doctor, if they’re honest with you it’s very much a guessing game.

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