I wonder….

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I wonder…

You will all have read my posts over the past several years regarding health, I occasionally repost information that I think could benefit most people, a friend or family member. I personally feel that the corruption that seems to have invaded and overpowered what started as a way of helping mankind is so disgusting it’s hard to understand the mentality of the people that run those companies. I’m referring to the pharmaceutical industry of course, a hundred years ago the doctors, pharmacists, scientists and all the other dedicated people were good and wanted to truly help others. Sadly the attitude was changed as realisation of the incredible profits that could be made became the number one priority.

Anyway…. I digress….the point in this is that I’ve put a lot of time into research into the possibilities of removing this squatter in my body, MS is, according to the so called experts, an incurable disease. In my humble opinion based on tried and tested methods at various clinics not influenced by Big Pharma, there are methods that have gone a long way to reversing many of the killing diseases that are cash cows for the money grabbing conglomerates. Two of the many clinics specialising in one particular method that I feel would be right for me is stem cell therapy. There is one in Switzerland that seems to be great, expensive but great, and the one that appeals to me the most because of their success and the cost is in the Ukraine. I don’t know how exactly but I want it to happen so my aim is to go there, I’m going to need someone with me, not to give actual medical help but just as a carer.

My lovely sister Suzie has already offered and she would obviously be my first choice, however if it’s the Ukraine and not Switzerland and the timing doesn’t work for her then I’d need someone else. If…..if I can cover all costs for flights and accommodation etc who if anyone would agree to go with me. No commitment obviously because this is only if’s at this time but I just wonder if there is a “friend” out there that would do this…Please comment if you wish or send an email to stef505@gmail.com


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