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Looking back at my life so far, and by the way it’s got a lot further to go, I’ve done a lot of things, probably much more than most people will ever get the chance to do in their whole life and most of my accomplishments were mainly done in just over half of mine. Things like the skydiving and Hang gliding I’m sure most people wouldn’t want to do them but there are other things I just feel blessed and very lucky to have been able to do. I’m sure the travelling to more than 20 countries around the world would be desired by lots of others.

Those things were mainly done before I was 45 so the last sixteen years have been limited physically. But going to live in America for eleven years and working for one of the world’s incredible people was a truly amazing experience, especially during that time to have been able to genuinely helped and improved the lives of hundreds of people that desperately needed it.

So I’m proud of all those accomplishments that have taken place so far but in reality although I can’t go anywhere and I’ve not been able to help people in the same way, I’m actually amazed and very proud of my determination, my commitment, my strength mentally of course. I honestly believe that being where I am, knowing this hideous disease is trying to kill me and failing, I am so proud of myself and have surpassed all the expectations of the doctors that originally diagnosed me and knowing I’ve a lot further to go.

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