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I’ll clarify that statement, there are lots of good chelators but only one way of truly establishing the mercury level.

Mercury in the blood…
I feel that this is a topic very much underestimated, your blood basically is the main provider of nutrition in your body, and everything you eat is hopefully assimilated and processed by the liver and gallbladder, then distributed throughout the body by the blood.
Your blood is a little like the earth, you can plant a flower, shrub or weed in it, it can be good or bad but your blood doesn’t have an opinion, it won’t say if it is good for you or not. Whatever you put in will be fertilized and grow. So irrespective of it tasting good, it might not be good for you which means it will create either an instant or long term problem.
Amalgam fillings, although my seem good, they may feel good initially because the dentist has corrected a problem with a dental cavity, is the primary provider of mercury in the body. Fish or any food from the ocean/sea is the second biggest.
Over time, and it maybe months or even years you notice health problems, allergies, brain fog, headaches or something far more serious. You might read about mercury or someone may mention it, but the chances are you will dismiss the idea of a mercury filling as being the reason for your health problem.
After seeing you doctor and dentist who have assured you that the mercury cannot escape (big lie) and you’ve tried OTC med’s, you talk to a Naturopath or some other alternative health practitioner who recommends a product that will do the job.
In the manufacturers research they had seen drops in mercury levels so high it was truly amazing, almost unbelievable!! Well actually it was unbelievable, because it never happened.
You see mercury doesn’t actually show up in the blood per se, what happens is this.. When your immune system sees something that isn’t supposed to be there, it will go into attack it. As mercury enters your blood stream from your amalgam fillings, it attaches to a blood cell, which changes the way it looks. Your immune system now sees a strange looking cell, a non self cell, a Hapten. It starts the process of elimination; I mean that’s what it’s supposed to do, protect you from invaders.
Sadly mercury is indestructible to anything in the body so what then takes place is this. The Globulin which went in to attack is rendered totally ineffective and the mercury now has a hiding place, unseen.
You have another blood test and the mercury doesn’t show up, so you and the manufacturer of the product you’ve taken are happy, that is until you notice that your condition hasn’t improved.
To my knowledge there is only one way of actually seeing how much mercury is in your blood, and that is done through a methyl mercury test. Methyl mercury is a vapor at times, clever little thing, morphing between a vapor and solid. The methyl mercury test is done only by Quicksilver Scientific of Boulder, Colorado.
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