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I first went to live in Colorado because I’d met a woman, we married in 2002 very shortly after we met, I’m sure to many my actions probably looked to be rash and not something done by a 45 yr old man. It was impetuous yes, but it seemed right at the time, both Dona and myself felt it was…… love. Over the following years I realised that it wasn’t love on either side. I wasn’t happy especially when I learned that she’d been having an affair, I’m not saying she was totally to blame but the marriage was over six years after it was started.

At the time I was working about 40 miles south of Denver so that’s where I relocated and was happy in Colorado Springs. It’s strange but moving to America was stressful and certainly made my life very challenging knowing I was 5,000 miles from my family in England, divorced and with a flipping incurable disease. But I think everything happens for a reason, me working for a great man that was living a decent life even though he had been diagnosed with the same disease as me. His research had enabled him to live relatively normally as long as he maintained a strict regimen of natural supplements to keep his body chemistry balanced.

As I said I think everything happens for a reason, me getting MS then becoming an integral part of his team enabled me to learn so much from him and because of him. I truly believe that my life became so rewarding, so fulfilling by being able to help so many people. I’m not saying that all of the 17000 plus clients and patients I talked with were all helped but thousands were and for that I feel so blessed. I know working with Dr Huggins wasn’t where I intended to go but I know it was where I was meant to be..R.I.P. Dr.Hal Huggins.

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