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I talked about how honoured and fulfilled I felt to have worked for Dr Huggins, everyday I would talk to people interested to know more about him and his methods to actually cure the health problem they or a relative of theirs were suffering with. Myself and my team would spend all day either explaining how and why his protocol would work. The protocol consisted of two main things, removing the cause of the problem and then correcting the imbalance in their body chemistry. Now I’m sure a lot of people reading this will doubt what I’m about to say but there is documented scientifically proven research to justify what was done. Your mouth is always open to contaminants and toxins. Eating and drinking foods and drinks that are loaded with chemicals to enhance the way your taste buds perceive they taste and encourage you to eat or drink more. Your teeth are treated by who you think is helping you, not all but still many dentists until recently still placed amalgam fillings. You’d be told it was silver so you’d think it was ok but in reality until 1976 it was 52% mercury then zinc, copper, tin and maybe 8% silver, after 1976 it became the high copper amalgam which is 33 1/3 %  of mercury then copper and zinc, less mercury but the combination of the three metals made it more toxic than before. Frightening to think that mercury is the most toxic non radioactive material on earth and some dentists still put it into your teeth.

Anyway I could rant about this till the cows come home, anyway, Dr.Huggins and one of two other dentists would correct the body chemistry (Dr Huggins) while the dentistry would be done by one of the other two. The two week clinic would often result in if not complete cures then very nearly and significantly better than before.

During my time with Dr Huggins hundreds of people attended a clinic or a Huggins trained dentist and did the Huggins Recovery Program, a lesser version of the full clinic. To see patients change from being told there was no chance of recovery from a so called incurable disease was such a rewarding experience.

I truly believe that my time with Doc, seeing the clients that became patients because of me makes having this disease worth it, I gladly accept the struggle I have knowing that I would never have been in the position with his organisation to have helped so many others if I hadn’t truly understood.


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