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It seems in life that there’s always an alternative way to do anything, almost everyone has an opinion about the way certain things are done, some people like to do things by the book so to say. I imagine that a lot of the older generation, me included prefer to do things “the right way” as in to not take shortcuts. When I was a young man in the army it was always a case of doing things in the way the military had done it for hundreds of years. I suppose from then on my attitude had been forged into the mindset of “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right”. I think as I became more technically savvy I saw that there were shortcuts available that didn’t seem to alter the end result too much so it was considered an acceptable alternative.

There are things that an alternative way is OK to do but when the subject matter is more important, as in my life then taking shortcuts is not acceptable. That being said then it’s understandable why I refuse to put drugs into my body that do nothing but fool your body while temporarily masking a symptom. There are several mainly organic supplements I take daily which have enabled me to slow the progression of this disease but I’m not fooling myself into thinking that they alone will cure me.

Attitude: In my case and I’m stating quite clearly that when I maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, when I brainwash myself into believing I am improving then that’s what happens, I improve!!!!  It matters not one iota what anyone else thinks or believes. If I meditate and listen to positive outcome videos on YouTube and feel better then that’s all that matters. The doctors and neurologists have told me categorically that I will only get worse, they try to be nice and pacify me but their view is I will die a painful and frustrating drawn out death. So in my view, my opinion is that they know diddly squat and there isn’t only one way, the slow and painful death is simply not an option. I will confound and amaze them all, I will not just beat this, I will thrive and guess what? as Frank said ……………………………………. I did it my way..

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