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Over the years especially since working in an organization dedicated to helping people that had either been told there was nothing that could be done for them by the so called medical experts or that the only life they could look forward to was decided by how long the drugs could keep the alive. Not a good selection of choices, so they had decided to look at what is termed Alternative medicine. As I’ve said before this is a totally wrong description for what in reality is true and natural medicine, not the synthetic chemical solutions suggested by the drug pushing army of people that should know better.

So, real or not….Most medical professionals will constantly tell you that they personally only believe and promote pharmaceutical drugs that have been scientifically proven to help. Sounds good, yes.. well no it’s not, what they are telling you is what the pharmaceutical manufacturer has told them to tell you.

When the morons that have agreed to be new drug testers report back, some will say “yes, this drug relieved my symptoms” of whatever it was being tested for. Some will say ” no this didn’t help at all”, but there will also be a group that say something like ” it didn’t help and it gave me diarrhoea or it made me throw up or I constantly had nausea”, there are also the ones that can’t say anything because the drug killed them….

So the pariah, oops sorry, the pharmaceutical company submit the doctored and adjusted in their favour results to the FDA who 9 times out of 10 pass the drug for human use.

The problem here is the drug market is a multi trillion dollar industry, and there is a revolving door between Big Pharma and the FDA, which is why drugs are often passed.

So the scientifically proven isn’t really scientifically proven, it’s just that it makes billions in profit and when the people got sick through taking the drug sue the company, it’s only a very small percentage that’s needed to compensate them, so in reality the compensation paid out is inconsequential to the moneymen.

The true natural remedies that are frowned on and referred to as having Anecdotal evidence are real and have been for hundreds of years, they just haven’t been lining the pockets of the slime balls with no conscience.

I’m not just making this up, I’m not spending hours thinking of ways to vent, stop for a moment and think…..

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