Indiana Jones..

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Indiana Jones..

You know when you’ve been sat in the cinema totally engrossed in an action movie like “Raiders of the lost ark” when the hero Indiana Jones is trapped in a desperate situation or a “Rambo” movie and Stallone is cornered by some really mean dudes with knives intent on slicing his throat. You are sitting there and although you’re on the edge of your seat with your eyes wide open staring at the screen. It’s a really serious moment and you can feel the tension in the whole theatre but deep down you know….you know that Indiana Jones or Rambo is the hero in this so no matter what’s thrown at them, no matter how bad it looks, you know without a shadow of doubt that the hero will save the day. He will crawl over broken glass and fight a dozen armed bad guys or drive at breakneck speed through a busy streets at midday to get where he needs to before the deadline. Well my friends guess what… Indiana, Rambo and Arnie is me…. the desperate situation, the gun battle and knife fight is my everyday occurrence but that is how confident I am. Everyday, every moment of everyday is like a life threatening battle to me, but I can assure you, I am going to win. Indy  Rambo and Arnie……whatever, bring them on.

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