What would you do ?..

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What would you do?

On a horrible day back in February 2004  a neurologist said four words to me that in reality totally changed my life, it would have been great if the four words were ” you’ve just won millions” but that wasn’t what he said.

It might have been four words but what he really said was that I’ll never walk in the rain, I’ll never ride my bike again, I’ll never be intimate with a woman again, I’ll never run again, I’ll never drive a car again, I’ll never go hiking again, I’ll never fly a plane again, I’ll never skydive again, I’ll never go to the gym again, I’ll never go swimming in the ocean again, I’ll never walk on the beach again, I’ll never go on a date again. Ok lots of exciting things a physically active person could do but what if it also was I’ll never cook a meal in the kitchen again, or I’ll never walk while carrying a drink in my hand, I’ll never stand and fold clothes, I’ll never do two things at once. How would you feel? How would you react? What would you do to prevent or reverse this,. The four words he said was “You have multiple sclerosis”. Which is why I have done everything that I think may possibly be able to help. All of you reading this that know me, please remember I’m me, Stefan your mate, your uncle, your dad, your brother, your work colleague, I’m not a piece of rubbish to be kicked aside, ignored and forgotten or treated like the ugly red headed step child.


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