They should be….

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They should be.

To the majority of people in the world having an excellent medical service is extremely important, if you look at the advertising and the media in general it would seem like having medical facilities and that includes the provision of the necessary medicines, drugs and vaccines is of paramount importance. So that being the case and knowing that the USA has without doubt more hospital beds than any four European countries combined and the most pharmaceutical companies in the world you’d think that Americans would be the healthiest people. The Pharmaceutical industry is only second to Oil and Gas as the most profitable, as a nation the USA count for about 5% of the world population and 90% of the drugs manufactured worldwide are taken by American people,  hmmmm. According to the Bloomberg ranking of the world’s healthiest nations, the USA is 33rd meaning that 32 other countries have people that live longer and healthier lives which doesn’t say much for cramming drugs into your body does it, oh and by the way the UK was 21st.  Singapore was 1st then Iceland, Italy and Australia.

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