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Just giving


In life we are all faced with challenges and obstacles, some are minor and unfortunately some are big. Obviously the small ones are usually easy to deal with although the big obstacles can be stressful and very difficult to deal with. But these are things we all would do anything to rectify or overcome, in reality you’d do anything to save your child, you’d take a bullet or jump in front of a speeding train. Imagine this my skydiving friends that you deploy your main and it malfunctions, do you just say “oh bugger, it looks like I’m going in” or do you calmly deploy your reserve. My analogy here is that just because the doctors said I was going to die a slow and humiliating and painful death, I don’t accept it. I am and will do whatever is a viable option, a potential cure is out there. Stem cell treatment is having incredible results all over the world and that’s what I intend to do. Am I worth a coffee and a brownie at Starbucks to you? I hope so, instead of buying a coffee please donate to my Justgiving fund, obviously I need to raise a lot of money but anything you can spare will help and i’m so grateful.



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