Not an “If”…

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Most days I write about how my day is progressing in relation to my struggle or about a health topic in general, it seems that there is some level of interest simply because of the number of viewers my blog gets. It’s difficult in many ways just to live but as I’ve said on numerous occasions, my situation is bad but certainly not the worst and because I know that in my heart that I have all I need to exist, I’m ok with it. Do I want to be able to do all the “normal” things in life, absolutely!!!! I suppose if I look at my life from an outside perspective it would probably look like a pathetic existence, spending half of my day in bed and the other half sat on the sofa, oh yes I go to the loo as well, so bedroom, living room and bathroom is my day. It’s boring but I know this is a temporary period of my life, the getting healthy and wealthy is definitely not an “if” it’s a “When”….

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