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I have struggled today, not from a health point of view but struggled to come to terms with what I learned today. I suppose my view and understanding of life is very different from that of most other people. I’m not saying my opinion of humanity is the right view, maybe it’s been formed over many years of seeing and experiencing things most people haven’t. I’ve met some beautiful people that regardless of their own physical, financial or emotional difficulties have persevered to do good and honourable things. I believe in doing good whenever possible and to help those in need, as I’ve said before I know my own personal situation is bad and I’ve struggled for a decade and more. But there are many, many others in far worse situations than me so I count my blessings and am so grateful. It would be great if everyone could be helped, I realise that’s never going to happen, but as the boy who was told when throwing the beached starfish back into the ocean that there was hundreds and he couldn’t make a big difference but he said it made a difference to the ones he threw back. I or you can’t help everyone but you could help me..


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