What I’m doing…

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What I’m doing.

My life is a never ending puzzle, it’s a bit like living a “Groundhog Day” life. Not as in just experiencing the same day as the previous one because, yes that would be a tad frustrating, but it’s more confusing and frustrating than that. Ok, imagine that you personally knew you had a serious health problem but you honestly believe that you were doing the right things and slowly but surely you were eating into it every second by doing the complete opposite of what the medical experts had recommended. By the end of the day you had meticulously followed what you believe to be the correct regimen and you could feel the progress you are making in a very positive way. Then the next morning you wake up and can feel in every muscle in your body that the elation you had experienced at the end of the previous day had disappeared, it’s as if nothing you had done actually happened so you just have to start again. So if in your heart of hearts you know that the problem can be beaten, but what you are doing each day helps get through the day as painful as it is but it only has a temporary effect. The good thing is that the disease is definitely being slowed down, by rights if I’d not been doing what I’ve done over the last fourteen years I’d be in a lot worse condition, I’d probably be bed ridden needing care 24/7 and not wanting to live. But I know I’m close, I know the long lasting forever solution is there, at my fingertips, it might be Stem Cell treatment and from what I’ve read, this isn’t just anecdotal evidence, it’s real and happening for thousands of others that have been suffering with this hideous disease. The frustration and confusion I experience every day of my life could come to an end, it Will come to an end, I just need to stay strong and determined and not let it beat me when I’m so close to the finishing line.


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