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I’m sure that to some people the way I’ve addressed the struggle I’m in probably seems strange, I mean here I am constantly writing  about the things I learned while working for the great Dr Hal Huggins or about my current health challenges. Yes i was officially diagnosed with MS in Feb 04, I say officially because I’d had the early symptoms for four years but the “doctors” apparently thought it was just a minor thyroid issue. Anyway  after being diagnosed I refused to take the prescribed drugs. I’m not sure if everybody understands that 99% of allopathic doctors have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical giants into addressing and alleviating the symptoms of a disease or illness. So during the early years I only took a nutritional beverage called XanGo, in reality I was able to keep the majority of symptoms at bay and for that I will always be grateful. Studying with Dr Huggins I was fortunate to learn of and meet some incredible people in the world of natural healing, Having a better understanding of how the human body works and its method of informing you of problems that in the main are being created by foods, drinks and substances you are putting into your body changed my life. A book written by Dr Huggins, “Uninformed Consent” goes to great length to explain this sad fact.  Anyway, using the knowledge I gained and consistent research I’ve continued to attempt to beat this disease, I’m not interested in simply addressing and easing the symptoms, a disease, a hideous unrelenting disease has taken up residence in me and I’m not happy about it, I’m never going to give in as the brainwashed medical experts suggest.  Everyday I take natural supplements in an aim to correct the imbalances in y body chemistry, I meditate, I pray, I constantly tell myself that I am getting better and better and better. I honestly believe that I will succeed using the power of my mind, my faith and unfailing determination, this is why I will win.


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