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I ask myself that question everyday, I ask myself “what’s the point”, why do I try my hardest to fool everyone that knows me, everyone that knows of me through social media and my blog, why do I tell myself at least a hundred times everyday that I’m getting better. The sad fact is that this hideous unrelenting disease is slowly but surely kicking my butt. By the end of my day or the twelve hours I’m not in my bed, I’m shattered, it’s so, so difficult to move about, I cling desperately to the door frame trying to get to my bed but my legs refuse to move then all of my strength disappears and I collapse on the floor hoping I don’t twist my knees or break my leg.

In some ways it’s exactly as all the medical professionals I’ve seen over the last 17 years have told me that I have multiple sclerosis, an incurable disease that about three million other people around the world have. They tell me I will just keep getting weaker and weaker and sicker and sicker, but I don’t believe them….

I’ll tell you why…..because I’m me, I’m Stefan and no freaking disease is going to smugly sneer at me and say “that’s one more” and think it’s taken another life because I’m not like 99.9% of other people, I will not give up after being told that there’s no hope.


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