So disappointed….

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Not sure

Life is strange, over the years we all have experiences and adventures and during theses periods, these times of our life we meet people and make friends, some of whom we hope they’ll play a big or significant part in our life. Well having been around on this planet for a fair length of time it would be reasonable to presume that I’d made a goodly amount of friends and lots of acquaintances, people that know me. Maybe I’m just different to most people because if I saw a person, a human being not even someone I knew well and they were asking, no, not asking but needing help, I’d help…. no question about it, no doubt, I’d help. So just to reiterate, as a caring person I’d chose to associate with like minded people, not inconsiderate selfish #### ####s, that being said I’m not sure why I’m even bothering to tell you. If you’re seeing this you will have seen my Justgiving request so you’ll understand when I say, 5 people….5 out of hundreds have helped, I’m embarrassed and so disappointed.

If you’d like to help me as I am now disabled and operate this site on my own then please consider donating, you can do this by going to then click on Send money.

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