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In 2007 there was a major shift in my life, at the time I didn’t really see or truly understand the significance of what was happening to me, all I knew at that specific time was that I’d just landed a brilliant job. My position as the Client Service Director with Huggins Applied Healing was definitely a significant step in my new life in America but truly understanding the importance it would have on me and potentially thousands of others hadn’t sunk in yet. Dr Hal Huggins was an incredible man who perpetuated and furthered the work of Dr Weston A Price a pioneer in the field of dentistry and natural healing. I am so proud, honoured and humbled to have been associated with this man and his groundbreaking research. I read every book written by Dr Huggins and tried my best to understand the complexity of his work in body chemistry re-balancing. Back to my point, because Dr Huggins himself had MS and had learned how to minimise the symptoms through nutrition and supplementation I wanted to do the same for myself.

I’m sure some people will think this a ridiculous thing to do and I should simply accept what the medical profession have done and that is to believe there is no cure. Well that’s never going to happen and the fact that I’m still here, looking good (in my bathroom mirror) is testimony to my methods.

Yes I want and believe I will become healthy again and it will make me very happy when that happens. I honestly believe that solving my particular health problem will not only help me but also make a huge difference to many others, this will be a blessing and has given me a purpose.


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