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As I’m sure everyone reading my posts understands, my number one priority is my health and my daily challenge to restore it. Over the years I’ve tried and tested a lot of supplements, I don’t take anything because it tastes good or because of some supposedly anecdotal evidence. I try various supplements because of my own research, anything that could possibly have a positive effect on my health isn’t going to show after a day or week or month necessarily so providing its not making me feel worse over a few days I’ll give it a reasonable try of three months. So the main supplements, the Mighty90 from Youngevity has been my staple for about seven months, there’s no doubt that this has made a subtle but very positive change in my everyday existence. I also take a teaspoon of organic coconut oil and flaxseed oil capsules which have been very positive. I wrote about Active Stem, a powder that stimulates the growth and release of stem cells, it was  developed and has been successfully used by Dr Rand McCain in Los Angeles on patients with a wide variety of illness. I’ve been taking it for two weeks so far and I’m trying to temper my excitement because it’s only been two weeks and I need to not get too excited in case the improvements are temporary. Others might not be able to immediately notice several of what might seem tiny changes but “live in my body” before you make assumptions, this is a great feeling.


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