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In my mind there is no doubt that the situation I find myself in will change for the better, I’m living what  is probably considered to be a very limited, restricted life. I’m not perfectly healthy, a joke…. my condition is quite bad in comparison to most others, but only as restricted as my mind lets it be. At this time I live on disability benefits which allows me to exist but obviously it’s not a massive amount of money. Notice I’m not saying any specifics because I refuse to believe, to allow these conditions to dictate my future, there is definitely a period of my life that is yet to be experienced, but it’s going to be. There is no positive future if I simply accept what on the surface appears to be true, that is what my “conscious” mind sees, not what my “subconscious” mind believes. Imagination and Inspiration are two of the aspects of the subconscious, there is a third aspect that can and will come into effect but requires one thing from me and that’s total belief. When you “live” this way, when the confidence of beleiving that you know these things, the power of “Auto suggestion” becomes your absolute belief then your subconscious mind will find a way to make it happen. I see a very different life for me than that of the one I’m living now, I will…..I am… I believe 100% that I am healthy and wealthy.

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