Liverpool lad…

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Liverpool lad.

As a kid in a city renown for its humour it was absolutely normal for a bunch of mates to be all having a laugh and sometimes at the expense of one of the gang simply because he wasn’t  quick enough to come back with a suitable response to the jibe. I think being brought up in a very competitive environment, my mates, school and even more so my family was a good thing. As one of seven in a little two bedroom house constantly having to fight for what was mine definitely helped in life. Now please don’t misunderstand me, my mates were my mates, we played hard because that’s what you did in Liverpool in the 50’s and 60’s, school wasn’t the same then as it is now, it was tough and no nonsense or answering back, a “clip round the lughole” was an everyday occurrence, the cane whupping your backside normally happened a couple of times each term. As one of 5 boys and having 2 sisters, there was always a racket going on, lots of wrestling and rough and tumble happening, but it was good. My point is that having this history ingrained in me, a desire to fight back, I could never be someone that just accepted and gave in when things weren’t right. That’s why I will always fight for what’s mine, and what’s mine is “my life”….something is trying it’s best to take “my life” away… it’s not going to happen, “it’s mine so sod off..

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