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I say oops because I realise I’ve been making a mistake and I’ve been doing it for years, today it’s as if I’ve been in a pitch black room and the light has just been turned on, how could I have been so naive. The answer has been there in front of me as clear as a bell but I simply couldn’t see, didn’t understand because the answer is so simple.

What am I talking about? I’m sure that just about everyone in the Western world has heard about “The law of attraction”, well I realised today that I’ve not been helping myself. Yes there obviously has been some positives in my attempts but I feel all my positives have almost certainly been negated by my own naive actions. All the positive and optimistic actions and beliefs can only do so much. As I’ve said many times, it’s not about saying, it’s about believing and genuinely feeling what is said. I’ve done this in the main but by writing my blog which also goes out on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Linkedin, I’m expressing and feeling of what was, not of what I intend it to be. By doing this I’m sending out messages to the Universe which only complies with my feelings. There’s no understanding it’s bad, the Universe only has one answer and that is Yes… I voice my feelings about my health or in my case the lack of health and I just get more of what I don’t want because that is what’s on my mind. So from now on there’s no more of “things are bad but do whatever you want, I’ll beat you, now it’s only talk of good and positive.


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