Same attitude…

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Same attitude.

Firstly, it was a great day, why? Well even though something bad happened at the end of my day, I know what caused it, so that’s good and unlike previous similar occurrences this time I was able to get to bed without hurting myself, so that’s a real positive.

As I’ve said before I get most of the required nutrition from specialized supplements. Because the majority of foods these days have very little true nutrition in them due to the crap spread on them in traditional farming techniques. Unless the foods are organically grown and have no synthetic additives then I try my best to stay away from them. I was a little peckish about 6pm as I’d only had a yummy bowl of soup made by my fantastic sister Suzie. So I had a quick single pot of Momma’s porridge, the label showed nothing bad, all natural ingredients. Sadly an hour after I had become frighteningly weak, I could stand but wall and furniture walking wasn’t possible. The good thing was by crawling very awkwardly and slowly I was able to get to bed. Yes it was a crappy experience but as I said, I know what it was and I didn’t get hurt so all good and I’ll maintain the same positive attitude.

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