Bone broth…

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Bone broth.

In this never ending challenge I face daily, my options are give in and succumb to a horrible disease or do what anyone with a desire to live would do and that is to always believe the answer to living or not is out there waiting to be found. Obviously there are several things I’m currently doing that is helping. I’m preventing myself from getting worse as quickly as I could be. I’ve talked about my daily supplement intake from Youngevity that providing all the nutrition I need. The Active Stem is encouraging the production and release of my body’s own stem cells, there is a very good chance that this will make a huge dent in what looks like a nigh on unbeatable problem.

So my never ending search has brought me to learn more about organic bone broth , I could spend the next 1000 words on describing the proven benefits but I won’t, I’ll save that for another day, but from what I’ve read there’s a good chance this will help, it arrived this morning so I’m starting today.

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