If anyone can….

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If anyone can.

It’s so strange, almost surreal in the way I think that in my mind it is two things, two things that are happening and to probably everyone else it seems to be not just unlikely but bloody impossible. I go through everyday doing almost the exact same things. As I do them I make a mental note of how I accomplish the very simple and basic things, if I’m able to do them easier it obviously makes me happy but on some occasions I struggle and I have to think very hard as to why that’s happened, have I eaten something bad for me or could it have been that my attitude, my mental approach was wrong. I’m a strong believer that doing or not doing is 99.9% down to believing in oneself. As I’ve said before simply living with the restrictions that have been forced on me is simply not acceptable, how I’m going to change everything in my life, I don’t know exactly. Becoming healthy and wealthy doesn’t appear to be a feasible option but it can be done and I know that if anyone can do it, it’s me.



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