Waiting game…..

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To most people, having to wait for something you’ve wanted, expected or paid for is shall I say a rather tedious and frustrating thing to do. You wait in line to pay for the shopping or queue up to get into the cinema, but whatever it is you know it’s just a part of everyday life, nothing you can do about it, it is what it is….

Sometimes it’s a case of working hard and saving a bit of dosh so you can go take the family on a nice holiday or vacation if you’re American, lol. As I said it’s just a fact of life, however what if the “Life” part is what you’re queuing up for….. slightly different thing now. The normal part of life in my case is things like “can I stand”, or “will I only need to go the loo 20 time’s not 25 today”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful that I’m able to do some things, there are some so much worse off than I, but it is frustrating, it is painful, it is embarrassing to know and feel so limited. Knowing my life was so different before, having memories of skydiving, hang gliding, scuba diving, mountain biking, rock climbing and flying is great. I have some very thrilling memories but it’s not as it is now. I experiment, I sample, I research and constantly try to change what the medical professionals tell me to give up hope of ever seeing again. But I know without a shadow of doubt that I will, because I am me and I have patience and this is a waiting game.


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