Could I..?

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Could I..?

I think that everyday I imagine how it will be, not would be, but will be when I get my health back, what will I do? I really can’t imagine there’s anything that could take the place of what I did while working for Huggins Applied Healing in Colorado. I loved being in that beautiful state, yes for 4 months of the year it was a tad chilly but the summer and autumn or Fall as it’s called there was fantastic. I will have Stem Cell therapy and I will get better, it might not be 100% healthy but it will be as good as I was in the early years of having MS. Being able to help others is without a doubt so fulfilling to me and it’s something I hope to be able to do again. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge gleaned from working for a truly great man which I’d love to be able to put to good use.

So I will get healthy and I want to return to where I consider my home so the question is…Could I ?

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