So nice….

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So nice.

As you know, my situation, my condition is not the best but by no means the worst so everyday I count my blessings and express my gratitude in prayer and meditation. I woke a little earlier than normal this morning about 5.15 so after twenty minutes of playing Words with Friends I decided to soak in the bath. I’ve spoken of the wonderful benefits of magnesium chloride before so as per normal I soaked for an hour, I can imagine most would say they couldn’t possibly soak for an hour or more, it would be so boring.

Anyway I usually play one of the thousands of meditations available on YouTube, this way I know specifically how long I’m in. Anyway my point is that after an hour or allowing the healing mag chloride to soak into my body and listening to inspirational Tibetan meditation I got out. I really feel good, stronger and more stable so I know what I’m doing is really helping, this feeling is so nice.

I truly believe that where I am is a stop over point, this is only temporary because I know I have better things to do and better places to be. A lot of what needs to be done is through myself, my attitude and self belief, however any help I can get financially to help me have Stem cell therapy, however small will be much appreciated, please click the DONATE button on the right, thank you.

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