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From my book, Who is Stefan.

I wanted to explain a little more about myself and what’s happened over the years, I would consider myself a bit of a daredevil in lots of ways, I’ve done over 800 skydives, I was a hang glider pilot, a scuba diver, mountain biker, rock climber and a pilot. I was always interested in trying new things and seeing new places, I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to travel to so many countries around the world, 24 to be exact.

My life seemed to be so complete, I’ve had great jobs, two great kids and what most people would consider to be a very comfortable life, that was until a terrible day in 1999.

I was living in Florida and expecting the launch of a company I owned 128,000 shares in during the dot com boom. It was anticipated that the shares would launch at $15 and reach $50 within a week or so, this meant that I’d be able to sell my 128,000, I’d make almost $6.5m and I’d be a multimillionaire.

p.s. That didn’t happen as I’d believed.

Just think about it, wouldn’t you feel good about yourself knowing you’d helped in healing me of a supposedly incurable disease, please donate what you can.

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