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As I’ve said before I am forever assessing my progress or lack of it on occasions. If this disease is trying it’s best to destroy the healthy cells in my body and its doing this 24/7 then any progress is constantly being negated. So if in the main I’m not getting significantly worse then I see this as winning, does that make sense? To a certain degree I take my progress for granted and get annoyed at myself when I take a step backwards, albeit a temporary setback. Over the last month or so I feel I’ve definitely made improvements, minor ones but significant to me. I get confused because of the setback, but in reality what I should be feeling is gratitude. I think the retrograde step is minimal and temporary, it tends to last as long as a good rest. I’m not a medical professional, I’m not able to use a lab to properly examine my blood so it’s simply a case of trial and error, New supplements and methods take time and patience so I shouldn’t feel confused I should just be proud and confident.

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