Part four..

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I became very concerned by this ever growing weakness that seemed to be spreading throughout my body. I saw my doctor who referred me to a neurologist who after a bunch of tests informed me quite bluntly that I had MS, we then had a heated discussion as I refused to take the medication. Several years later I interviewed for a job with Dr Hal Huggins, the more I read about this man the more I was in awe of him. He had made a stand against the all powerful ADA and FDA by proving amalgam fillings were dangerous. This didn’t go down well with a billion dollar giants, the ADA and FDA who were also in the pockets of the trillion dollar mega giants, the pharmaceutical industry.


Doc was about to offer me the job of Client Service Director when he asked me if I was prepared to lose all my friends. At first I thought this a rather strange question. I asked why would he ask that, he then said, “when you know what you’ll know, you’ll lose all your friends. I was intrigued and excited but eventually I said yes and started working a week later.

As my knowledge expanded with sitting in on doc’s consultations and reading all his books, I understood what he meant when he asked if I was prepared to lose my friends. It became obvious that so much of what is generally understood by the general public is tainted and twisted misinformation being spread by the hierarchy of six trillion dollar conglomerates.

Headed by the Pharmaceutical industry the others are the Oil and Gas giants, Food, Insurance, Law and I will group the ADA/ASA and AMA together.

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