Garden of the Gods…

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Garden of God’s.

Today I’ve felt really good even though it’s a hot and humid day, great for most people but it can be very awkward from me, the temperature tends to make it very difficult. I’m still trying to work out why specifically for people with MS, my thoughts although not proven scientifically is that my body struggles to carry oxygen (oxyhaemoglobin) in the red blood cells to the organs. In my opinion of course, this results in extreme fatigue so much so that my legs simply will not move or have the strength to support me. So when the weather is like today, this week then I have to have all the windows open, fans going and blinds closed, but yesterday was fine and so far today I’m coping.

The title of this post, Garden of the Gods. I was chatting to a friend earlier and was talking about our “go to places”, where I would go to for a couple of hours to just “be”, to just reflect on life. Garden of the Gods is a national park a few miles from where I lived in Colorado springs. I went to the official website and took a video tour, it was beautiful and I’m not ashamed to say I cried like a baby, I’m not depressed or sad but I really miss being there. My promise to me is like Arnie said “I’ll be back”.


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