My Ah ha moment..

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As I’ve said before, my days are pretty much the same regardless of it being a workday or weekend, the routine of supplements and consuming my water and special drinks is 99% of the time exactly the same. That might seem incredibly boring to you but it’s a procedure that keeps me alive. No that’s not an exaggeration it’s a fact, by not having the water I become frighteningly dehydrated so much so that I’m unable to move at all. Similar things happen if I don’t take my salt capsules or the nutritional supplements. I’m sure some of you cringed when I mentioned the Salt caps…. contrary to the constant, blatant lies being told about salt, it is imperative that everyone takes salt everyday. Now to clarify that statement of fact, good salt, ideally Himalayan Crystal salt is jam packed with essential trace elements the human body needs, as opposed to nutritionally bereft table salt that does nothing good but lots of bad things to all the organs in your body.

Getting back to my point, on Sunday I did something different, not relevant to explain precisely but needless to say, something different. That evening I suffered terribly, the change in my physicality was like night and day, I was confused and quite sad until it clicked in my head, it was like a flipping light going on,  that Ah ha moment will help significantly. This complex disease that has unlawfully taken up residence is going to be difficult to beat but it will happen, of that I have no doubt.

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