My truth..

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My truth.

I’m reasonably confident that all I’ve written about in my posts is fact… I absolutely know that what I say is what I believe so it’s my truth…. I honestly believe that a large part of all serious illness is self-inflicted. Hold on, hold on, I don’t mean that everyone with a serious debilitating disease has thought “oh I think I’ll get sick today”. Obviously that doesn’t happen, no one wants to have a life threatening, terminal illness or a form of dementia, but what I do believe is there’s a sequence of events that slowly but surely lead you down the path of ill health. It can start with simple things like indulging and over indulging in foods or drinks or recreational drugs. Obviously the surface effects are things like weight gain or rapid loss, these can lead to anxiety or depression which lead to worry and doctors visits, then medication, I say medication but it’s not really, it’s just a pharmaceutical drug that eases a symptom temporarily.  All the time that this health issue, physical or mental is happening it’s rapidly affecting the basic functionality or the organs in the body. Every organ needs, what? pharmaceutical drugs? No, definitely not because all they do is mask the problem while the real cause is getting worse. What every organ, every gland, every cell needs is proper nutrition, the reason they fail or function incorrectly is simply because you’ve been putting crap that is nutritionally bereft into your body. Yes it fills you up, temporarily through its bulk but the feelings you misinterpret for being hungry are really but the incredibly intelligent body is screaming for actual, real, natural nutrients not chemical, synthetic garbage. So your mind is being fooled into thinking a certain way because the money grabbing pariahs are conning you while laughing all the way to the bank. So inadvertently you are making things worse, you have a responsibility to look after yourself and ignore the constant advertising feeding you blatant lies.

Sadly the changes happening to the body are gradual, it’s not as if the changes physically and mentally just happen overnight, they take place over months and years so aren’t necessarily obvious to you that doesn’t notice the small subtle differences in a daily basis.  Your organs are constantly fighting a losing battle, you don’t give it what it genuinely needs so it adapts, it makes adjustments but it can only do that for so long. Then the organ or organs say enough is enough and give in, they stop working so the doctor gives you something that allows you to keep functioning, The drug pusher, sorry, the doctor is happy to keep doing this because they themselves have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical giants into keeping you sick. Take control, stop reading crap sponsored by the people that don’t want you to be healthy, it’s not in their financial interest to make people healthy. Knowing about this, knowing I have the ability to cure myself is my truth.

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